Every homeowner should have the peace of mind in knowing that their garage door would be in perfect condition at all times. However, this is not the case for everyone. There are times when they still suffer from a malfunctioning garage door just months after it was purchased. The reason for this is neglecting the care and the additional protection it needs. If you are worried that you overlook such items for your garage door, then now is the time to make sure that their care is updated. Be sure to call us today here at Tiger Garage Door Repair Detroit so we can immediately assist you in the services for your garage door. Call us now at (313) 603-5650 and never worry about your garage door again.


Get The Maintenance for Your Garage Door Scheduled Properly


Perhaps when we mention maintenance, the most common question that is usually asked of us is “how often?” This is most especially since it would incur charges that sometimes is not within the budget of a garage door owner.


To be honest, this is dependent on your garage door parts. There are parts that need weekly maintenance such as regular cleaning of parts which can be done already by the homeowners on their own. However, there is also maintenance that concerns the mechanical parts which require a more in-depth knowledge and experience from professionals. Lubrication is among this. Although there are homeowners who are particular on doing it on their own, there are times when they do more bad than good to their garage door especially if they do not know the parts that need lubrication and what lubrication to use. This is why you should only call experts to do this for you to ensure that no harm would befall on your garage door as they are handled by non-experts. Call Tiger Garage Door Repair Detroit for the maintenance your garage door needs.


We Are the Most Efficient Garage Door Company to Provide Your Garage Door Maintenance


Tiger Garage Door Repair Detroit has the best garage door technicians to provide the excellent care your garage door needs. We are trained to handle any type of garage door services and our years of experience made us more efficient in doing it. We know already all parts of garage doors like the back of our hands so working on it won’t anymore be a problem. We can do it in no time as we ensure that your garage door would have a longer lifespan.


We Install Protection for Your Doors


Tiger Garage Door Repair Detroit is not only great at providing your garage door with the maintenance it needs. We can protect them too against all harm that may cause it damages. When you let us work for your garage door, you won’t have anything to worry about anymore because everything is covered. Make sure not to delay calling us so we can work on your garage door today. Call us now at (313) 603-5650.


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